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Westbeach gets super rad with SuperRad

Westbeach gets super rad with SuperRad
3 years, 4 months ago
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This winter we had the pleasure of shredding with Westbeach sponsored camps, SuperRad on their Morzine stint! James Sweet and Lewis Sonvico combined with Treeline Chalets in Morzine to offer two camps throughout the winter – shredding park, pipe, stash and pow pow. The guys also took the camps over to Tignes with Dragon Lodge to see what the Tignes terrain had to offer, which this year meant plenty of powder and learning to use the whole mountain just like a park.

James Sweet had this to say about the SuperRad ethos: “SuperRad is a slightly different take on snowboard coaching. The idea is to get people solid and rad, having as much fun as possible on the whole mountain! We set up the brand to simply get people riding how we like to! Peeps coming on SuperRad will have one of the most fun snowboard trips they have ever had… With great shredding, food and somewhere to sleep too!”

After heading out for a boozy dinner the night before, which ended up in Morzine’s infamous Cafe Chaud, I personally was a little bit shaky. I was definitely going to be a challenge to their coaching skills. Despite both James and Lewis being out the very same night, their shredding skills and advice didn’t seem to waiver, unlike my own.

We started the morning in the half pipe, some of the campers had never been in the pipe before so being encouraged to get in there was super motivating for them, with James and Lewis just giving the right amount of tips, not too much, not too little, which was good for my pickled brain. Half Pipe is where I spend most mornings and whilst I had a good idea of the things that were holding me back, how to change it, I didn’t know. Lewis managed to give me some tips straight away which made me feel way more confident and stable in the pipe once I’d managed to get them down.

We moved on to the Stash after a quick refuel and picked our way through the elements. Seeing the guys on the camp stoked on being encouraged to hit things they might not have thought possible before was so motivating and it wasn’t long before everyone got involved. The camp age ranged from 20′s all the way through to fellers in their 60′s and it was actually one of the more mature guys who put most of us to shame, wall rides, flat downs in the stash and killing it in the pipe!!! Age is definitely just a number…

This was the second day of shredding with SuperRad… All in all, it’s fair to say hangover or not you will have a guaranteed RAD time with Lewis and James… their love of snowboarding is infectious and they will keep you pumped for riding all day till it’s Mutzig time.

If you’re keen to give the camps a go, they have just released dates for the summer camps in Tignes. They have two progression camps from July 6th to 13th and then 13th till 20th. Check out all the details on the website

Get involved for a SuperRad time and keep on shredding…

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