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Spring Break… One week of snow, sun, booze and steak

Spring Break...  One week of snow, sun, booze and steak
3 years, 3 months ago
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Spring Break, normally an American institution involving teenagers in the US taking a break from college in a debauched, boobs, ass and booze kind of way… In this case it’s the new name for The Snowboard Test, a UK institution at the end of every winter where the industry comes together to have a week away with retailers and media, testing next season’s kit. With parties being just as debauched. This year, the Test was revamped to Spring Break, an epic week, open to the public as well as the industry to join the fun and hangovers.

“The highlight of this year’s Spring Break for me was definitely getting to shred with Gigi Ruff,” said Andy Nudds.

In fact, all of the Westbeach team was there alongside their homies from other teams proving there is no rivalry – just fun to be had. The first day kicked off in style with the Whitelines/Monster/DC Rail jam up on the stair set in the park. Whitelines had a different take on the rail jam, pretty much the same as the format they rolled out this year at the Brits in Tignes. The riders threw down in a jam session where two team captains and the finalists were picked.  The captains then had to pick from the finalists (Old school PE stylee) to make their team and then pitch their riders head-to-head against each other.

This new format is a refreshing change to the standard jam session and finals with a winning team as opposed to just one individual. Nuddsy was picked as a team captain, selecting Orla Doolin, Angus Leith, Gazza Andrews, Ross Needham and Sparrow Knox on his side to be up against team Ollie Dutton featuring Sean Tumelty, Will Smith, Jonny Pickup and Rio Peterson. The standard across the board was super high and even though Duttons’ team was filled with some of the UK’s best jibbers – Nuddy’s took the winning spot, though it definitely wasn’t easy.

That night the team stayed up the mountain until 10.30 for a secret night shoot…  Nice little welcome to new rider Sabrina Burnham who was buzzing on the night.  Look out for the photos, it was epic and the stench of petrol will never leave us.

As Sabrina said: “The highlight of the week for me was going up to the glacier to take part in a late-night photo shoot with Westbeach! But I can’t say anymore than that right now, as it’s all top secret, but it was all very exciting.”

Monday’s Dragon methodical madness competition was postponed to Tuesday due to bad weather. It was such a good vibe, everyone was buzzing at this new event. Sean Tumelty was pulling some incredibly steezy methods, busting them out big stylee. But unfortunately he didn’t make it through to win the best method. That accolade went to SuperRad‘s Lewis Sonvico.

Sean said: ‘The hip contest was the most fun! Chilled and fun atmosphere, bad weather but it didn’t matter. Steak would probably have been good too, but I peaked way too early and went home ha!”

On the same day, we had The Reason magazine’s ‘Kick out the Jams’ competition. Using the same hip as the Dragon comp, riders were keen to bust out some moves after a couple of hours, honing their methods. Once again some sick moves were being thrown left, right and centre – literally. It was Sam Turnbull who took the best trick with a Back Rodeo 7 Nose Grab.

Tuesday saw the Westbeach BBQ down at the local bar, Pfiff Alm, where pretty much all the parties take place. A damn good spread was laid on and everyone got fed until late in the night when the Dalikfodda and monster party kicked off with Steak. Nope, not another part of the Westbeach BBQ but a band… not just any band. But a RAD, amazing, mosh pit inducing, stage diving, sweat fest of a band. Highlight of the week for sure.  The next morning – when driving past the bar – it seemed there had been a coleslaw and sauerkraut fight…  do they even go with Steak?

The last rawkus organised night was the pub quiz back at the Pfiff Alm. As usual, it’s no ordinary pub quiz, physical challenges split the rounds and our newest team member Sabrina Burnham pretty much single-handedly took these on, putting up a pretty good fight against the large burly men she was up against. Dancing handstands, underwear waving and stealing t-shirts from bar revellers. She definitely flew the Westbeach flag pretty high…  Turns out she’s also pretty good at guiding wasted team managers home too… thanks.

All in all, a sick week. If you didn’t come we strongly recommend you check it out for next year as ‘your end of winter’ shred fest. It’s got it all – snow, sun, fun, beer, jager, parties, riding, comps, new kit, mosh pits and steak… Why not?

Big Thanks to Tim at Kaunertal.

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